ACET June meeting

Hi teachers! Our June meeting is this coming Sunday, the 9th. 

Sorry, I should have announced this earlier… Anyway, let me know if you would like to share your teaching ideas with us. 

The meeting is scheduled as below: 

*June meeting June 9th, Sunday 1:30-3:30 Kenshushitsu C, AMIKAS bldg. Takamiya station

Thanks in advance


MC: Travis 

Song: Kumiko 

Activity: Yoriko—How to use a puppet in the classroom, Keiko—Introducing numbers and colors with What questions for the 3rd graders, Bogdan—Colors for toddlers between 2-5years old 

Book: Trevor—Swap 


See you then! 

*July meeting July 21st, Sunday 1:30-3:30 Kenshushitsu A, AMIKAS bldg. Takamiya station  

June meeting

June 9th, Sunday 1:30-3:30

Kenshushitsu C, AMIKAS bldg. Takamiya station

Share your opinions and Ideas whether in English or Japanese.

When you attend an ACET meeting you will most likely come across a new idea that would just be perfect for that class that seems to be stuck in a rutt. So why not share what ideas you have. Who knows, your idea just may be the idea that helps someone else out. 

Japanese attendees are also encouraged to actively participate instead of sitting back and letting your foreign counterparts do all the talking. If you are not confident to comment in English do so in Japanese. Your comments and opinions are important to us all.

If you would like to help out

We are always looking for volunteers willing to share their expertize and knowledge with other like-minded teachers. Therefore, please be sure to add your name to the list of presenters at the end of each meeting.

New e-mailing system and Logo.


Email client change

Hello and welcome to ACET Fukuoka webpage. This is just an update to inform all of you our friends and guests that we have introduced a new mailing list system which will streamline our various tasks to make it easier for us to contact you or not.

We are now using an automated mailing system which sends out our e-mails to everyone on our mailing lists. So if you have received an e-mail from acet over the past few days you probably have noticed that the look and approach to the e-mails have changed. The new client will send out HTML based direct mails to everyone registered to our current mailing list.

The good news about this new system is that should you wish to no longer receive any further emails from us, just click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the e-mail and follow the instructions on how to unsubscribe yourself. This is a painless process which takes no more than a minute or two.

Sometimes Gmail or Yahoo accounts get blocked by KDDI or DOCOMO servers which need manual unblocking by the customer (you). If you have not received an email but which to, and have given us only a mobile e-mail address then please check your accounts to make sure our emails are not automagically blocked by your provider’s servers.

New Logo

We have introduced a new logo for the website and here it is.

This logo embraces the rainbow design on our facebook account which stands for inclusiveness amongst our members. It doesn’t matter what your background is, what language you speak first or your nationality we welcome you to our group.

All are welcome, all the time. The length of the individual blocks stands for our varying experience as teachers in one way or another and that even though we may have been teachers for a long time or only a few weeks it doesn’t matter. You and your support are important to our family like group of teachers. We stick together so that we can all stand together.

‘A’ stands for ACET and Apple which of course is cliche for the apple given by the teacher’s pet, a throwback from the good ol’ days when students tried to bribe their way through food.

Next meeting May 12th

Next Meeting –

Date: Sunday, May 12th Time: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Venue: Amikas Building Takamiya map


500 yen

100 yen (for scheduled presenters)

Please join us!

Presenters: ACET members will make various presentations. 

Presenters please remember that we are encouraged to give a clear overview of our presentation objectives, goals, etc… please provide worksheets where needed and written explanations of theories to be presented. This helps all to retain your points longer and makes application to attendees classes much more feasible.

For example:

To Share activities: Address

1. Topic (is it for vocabulary practice? Is it for grammar related? Is it for reading comprehension?

2. Student level (Age of 3, Gr. 1, JHS?)

3. Type of Skill (Listening/Speaking/ Reading/ Writing?)

4. Duration of the activity (20 minutes, 1hr. etc)

5. Material (bring hand-out)

6. Share how it worked

7. Feedback or Extension of the activity

we look forward to your help and cooperation with this process so that all in attendance can really benefit from your hard work and so that we can better improve on our presenting and teaching capabilities. The whole purpose for ACET is for us to grow and improve as teachers of young learners of efl/esl.

A sample from last meeting of things we enjoyed (thanks to Craig on Acet’s facebook page):

Hi all! Good seeing everyone at the meeting today! Here are the topics and order of the 5 minute Genki English review/warm up.

-Name-circle drill ending with “Nice to meet you”
-“How are you?” with gestures
-“I can___.” with gestures
-Forward, back, right, left
-Pronouns-I, You, He, She, We, They- Is/are thirsty, etc
-Age in pairs
-weather in pairs
-Greetings-Japanese to English
-Students ask teacher (I made a mistake at today’s meeting) “Do you like ____?” while teacher flips through flashcards.

Of course you can do any question/topic or order you want. I really like this activity because it’s fast paced, covers a lot of topics/questions and is only 5 minutes.


April 2019 meet-up

Craig gave a very informative presentation on how to encourage speaking in the classroom. He introduced Rory’s Story Cubes to the attendees.  Basically, 9 cubes have pictures engraved onto each die face. When tossed the players must tell a story using the pictures facing up on the dice.

here are some photo’s of the game in play and other fun activities

A year in review.

Ok so our dear webpage has received little love this  past year, but a lot has happened. Over the last year we saw a tremendous increase in attendees. Participants have shared a wealth of knowledge which we have all benefitted from. Last years special workshop presenter was our dear friend Tino!  In case you missed out here is a blurb on his presentation and the flier.:

【ACET Special Workshop 2018】

Tino Matsuda!

Tino Matsuda(

Tino is well known throughout the English teaching community and Kumamoto community at large as a dedicated teacher. He has had experience teaching in public elementary schools, private kindergartens and owns his own school as well!
Come join us for an event full of ideas to take back to your classrooms!


ACET Special Workshop 2018
Speaker: Tino Matsuda

And the flier

Special Workshop with Scott Crowe! 6/18 (Sun)

This year we’re inviting the incredibly friendly Scott Crowe to present on How to use Emotional Positioning in your classroom.  Emotional Positioning is not a phrase you hear that often when it comes to teaching and we really think that this is going to be a really educational and fun workshop.

We still have a few spots open so please contact us via email to reserve your spot! Here are the details:

Sunday June 18th, 2017 1:30-4:30. Venue will be AMIKASU 3rd Floor

Admission for ACET members is ¥1000 and for guests ¥2000

Reservations by email only: or


Happy New Year 2017 Meeting January 22nd

Happy New Year to all of our members!  Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting on the 22nd.  Here is the line-up:

MC and Warm Up Song:  Miki

Activities:  Grace, Hiroko, Yoriko

Storybook:  Riki

If you have something you did in class that worked well please share!

We’ll also have a New Year’s party after the meeting.  Starts at 5:30 pm at a restaurant in the Fuku Building in Tenjin.

Ozenya 御膳屋

B1F Cost around ¥4000



Workshop with David Churchley

We are really excited for the up and coming David Churchley workshop sponsored by Oxford University Press and Acet Fukuoka.

We have a survey which we would like all attendees to complete before the workshop to give our presenter and better understanding of the various teaching environments attendees work in.

Just click on the link below and you will be taken to a Surveymonkey page where you can fill in the survey.

This survey is non personal and does not require personal information being given.


Acet meeting March 13th

We are planning on having a workshop March 13, 2016. If you have something to present or contribute to the meeting then please feel free to contact us at: Acet Fukuoka

Still needed are art or craft presentations

song presentation

games or activities presentation