2015 off to a great start!

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The first workshop of the year was held on January 8th and what an event it was!

We enjoyed several demonstrations from our regular members, who shared some wonderful games and activities for teachers of young learners to adults.  We were also happy to welcomed back several members who were once again able to join in and share in the fun! The frank discussions and active participation from the attendees added to a productive meeting.

Presenters of the session were:

  • MC: Fukuko sensei
  • Noriko sensei
  • Yoriko
  • Masako
  • Hiroko

Now it is up to you! We are hoping to see you at our next workshop in February.  Please be sure to contact us at:

Fukuoka_acet@yahoo.co.jp for any inquiries you may have.

May you have a very productive and inspiring year in 2015. Greetings from the FACET (Fukuoka acet 🙂 ) PR manager,