OUP workshop 2016!

We would like to say thanks to the presenters of the 2016 OUP (Oxford University Press) workshop. 2 presentations were conducted in English for the benefit of the English speakers in the room and 2 presentations in Japanese aimed more towards the Japanese teachers in attendance.
Venue: TKP Garden City Hakata Annex Jupiter

Presenters were:
Barbara Sakamoto: Presentation in English. No books no problems. How we can effectively do a class with or without textbooks open. Her humor was great and she presented a new tool from the Let’s Go series. A USB clip with worksheets, all worksheets are editable and the purchaser is free to use the pictures available from the let’s go series anyway they like to make worksheets for their students. (Please note that the illustrations are free to use for your lessons but not free make worksheets for sale online). lesson plans. Barbara offered several game and activity ideas which prompted good dialogue among attendees.
Sachiko Sugai: A presenter from the AEON English Group who demonstrated how AEON effectively uses the Everybody Up series in their classrooms. One main point that she made clear was even if we think a certain textbook or other material that we use to teach English with seems lame or inadequate, that we are limiting ourselves and our students ability to grow in their language acquisition skills if we fail to think outside the box (or teachers manual ) for ideas on how to use even difficult materials.  She demonstrated her companies approach using two levels of the series and getting the attendees to discuss how by just looking at a single page what different types of phrases, games or approaches to that particular lesson that they would use. 
Yoriko Taniyama: Yoriko demonstrated how to get more out your elementary school lesson by expanding on topics taught using various themes that students already know. Her presentation was focused more on elementary school teachers or Japanese guest ALT teachers. Through group games and discussions, we the audience were transformed into a typical elementary school class who had to perform said tasks. Great demonstrations from  Yoriko tactfully help keep classroom control. These techniques were a good reminder that it is not for us to talk over the students voices, but to give hints or gestures to  when for the students to Don’t want to wear out the voice box too early.
Kevin Churchley: A great teachers I believe for both students and adults. His method’s, while not new, were good reminders of how much more students can get out of their stories if the teachers really look for ways to lead the class into wanting more, rather than wishing the class be finished. It is obvious that his passion for reading has lead him on some excellent adventures.  It was a real pleasure to have had this chance to meet Kevin and to be a part of one of his typical classes even if for just that small moment.

Once again thanks to all the OUP presenters for this year, and we look forward to next year.

If you have any comments or addition / corrections to the above please let me know and I will update it ASAP.