A year in review.

Ok so our dear webpage has received little love this  past year, but a lot has happened. Over the last year we saw a tremendous increase in attendees. Participants have shared a wealth of knowledge which we have all benefitted from. Last years special workshop presenter was our dear friend Tino!  In case you missed out here is a blurb on his presentation and the flier.:

【ACET Special Workshop 2018】

Tino Matsuda!

Tino Matsuda(https://www.youtube.com/user/Chicano2teacher)

Tino is well known throughout the English teaching community and Kumamoto community at large as a dedicated teacher. He has had experience teaching in public elementary schools, private kindergartens and owns his own school as well!
Come join us for an event full of ideas to take back to your classrooms!


ACET Special Workshop 2018
Speaker: Tino Matsuda

And the flier