Next meeting May 12th

Next Meeting –

Date: Sunday, May 12th Time: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Venue: Amikas Building Takamiya map


500 yen

100 yen (for scheduled presenters)

Please join us!

Presenters: ACET members will make various presentations. 

Presenters please remember that we are encouraged to give a clear overview of our presentation objectives, goals, etc… please provide worksheets where needed and written explanations of theories to be presented. This helps all to retain your points longer and makes application to attendees classes much more feasible.

For example:

To Share activities: Address

1. Topic (is it for vocabulary practice? Is it for grammar related? Is it for reading comprehension?

2. Student level (Age of 3, Gr. 1, JHS?)

3. Type of Skill (Listening/Speaking/ Reading/ Writing?)

4. Duration of the activity (20 minutes, 1hr. etc)

5. Material (bring hand-out)

6. Share how it worked

7. Feedback or Extension of the activity

we look forward to your help and cooperation with this process so that all in attendance can really benefit from your hard work and so that we can better improve on our presenting and teaching capabilities. The whole purpose for ACET is for us to grow and improve as teachers of young learners of efl/esl.

A sample from last meeting of things we enjoyed (thanks to Craig on Acet’s facebook page):

Hi all! Good seeing everyone at the meeting today! Here are the topics and order of the 5 minute Genki English review/warm up.

-Name-circle drill ending with “Nice to meet you”
-“How are you?” with gestures
-“I can___.” with gestures
-Forward, back, right, left
-Pronouns-I, You, He, She, We, They- Is/are thirsty, etc
-Age in pairs
-weather in pairs
-Greetings-Japanese to English
-Students ask teacher (I made a mistake at today’s meeting) “Do you like ____?” while teacher flips through flashcards.

Of course you can do any question/topic or order you want. I really like this activity because it’s fast paced, covers a lot of topics/questions and is only 5 minutes.