New e-mailing system and Logo.


Email client change

Hello and welcome to ACET Fukuoka webpage. This is just an update to inform all of you our friends and guests that we have introduced a new mailing list system which will streamline our various tasks to make it easier for us to contact you or not.

We are now using an automated mailing system which sends out our e-mails to everyone on our mailing lists. So if you have received an e-mail from acet over the past few days you probably have noticed that the look and approach to the e-mails have changed. The new client will send out HTML based direct mails to everyone registered to our current mailing list.

The good news about this new system is that should you wish to no longer receive any further emails from us, just click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the e-mail and follow the instructions on how to unsubscribe yourself. This is a painless process which takes no more than a minute or two.

Sometimes Gmail or Yahoo accounts get blocked by KDDI or DOCOMO servers which need manual unblocking by the customer (you). If you have not received an email but which to, and have given us only a mobile e-mail address then please check your accounts to make sure our emails are not automagically blocked by your provider’s servers.

New Logo

We have introduced a new logo for the website and here it is.

This logo embraces the rainbow design on our facebook account which stands for inclusiveness amongst our members. It doesn’t matter what your background is, what language you speak first or your nationality we welcome you to our group.

All are welcome, all the time. The length of the individual blocks stands for our varying experience as teachers in one way or another and that even though we may have been teachers for a long time or only a few weeks it doesn’t matter. You and your support are important to our family like group of teachers. We stick together so that we can all stand together.

‘A’ stands for ACET and Apple which of course is cliche for the apple given by the teacher’s pet, a throwback from the good ol’ days when students tried to bribe their way through food.