About Us

Association of Children’s English Teachers (A.C.E.T)



ACET was established by a group of enthusiastic English teachers in Fukuoka City in the year 2000. Meetings are held monthly (except August and January) and usually consist of the following:

A) Sharing songs, games, ideas, materials/ resources with one another

B) Mini presentations to show teaching methodology

C) Interaction and intercultural communication

The meetings are open to people interested in the topic of teaching children English. Membership consists of a mix of native and non-native English teachers and school owners who contribute to make a dynamic and productive group. It is organised by a <a href=”https://acetfukuoka.wordpress.com/about/acet-officers/”>committee of elected officers</a>, drawn from ACET regulars, who are elected annually.

For more information, contact the current Vice-President at Fukuoka_acet@yahoo.co.jp

Our Goals

Our purpose is to improve our English teaching skills. Through sharing ideas and by sponsoring guest teachers, we improve our teaching skills and learn new tips and activities for use in our classes. We also discuss any problems, issues or concerns that may arise in teaching English. On a smaller scale, we establish friendships and support for each other in our profession.

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